Monday, April 4, 2011

Melanie: French Art Nouveau Bust from MichelleReneeArt

I want to introduce you all to my talented and creative friend Michelle.  I love looking through her Etsy shop because I never know just what I will find.  Here is a little background on Michelle:  You can find art, corsets, crowns, paintings, bustiers, handmade decor and clothing, french boudoir, dolls, vintage, antique, jewelry, ephemera, gifts and things for yourself and your home.

I love to find vintage and antique jewelry, clothing, dolls and unusual items to fill the home. I have two jobs so when I have free time I love to sew, paint, make jewelry, treasure hunt and design.

European Art Nouveau Mucha Style Bust Signed and Dated 1900 Antoine Farre Paris
Behold this Alphonse Mucha style art nouveau wonder! :)

Titled "Les Chrysanthemems".
This an an original signed sculpture made by Antoine Farre Paris and is dated 1900. It is truly a work of art ~ even the close up photos look like paintings. I can provide more pictures if requested.

This artist was from Barcelona and lived from 1891-1948. I am trying to access the archive department at the FRICK Art reference library in NYC. No response yet. It appears that he is in a number of spanish reference books and manuals.
I also found that one of his paintings sold at auction for an undisclosed amount in Madrid, Spain 1997. It was the watercolor pictured #5.

Her pupils are amazing. They are hollowed out to absorb light. Very realistic.

I also saw something about this artist on tv before. Somebody had a item and thought the artist was from france because the item was signed Antoine Farre Paris. (That is his name). I can't find what show it was on. :-/ (If you saw it please let convo me!)Driving me nuts!

The dimensions are 24" x 17" x 13" and weighs about 30-40lbs. I plan to ship through UPS so they wrap it professionally and is fully insured. Buyer pays actual shipping. Please contact me if you would like a shipping quote. Please disregard the shipping prices in listing. It may be less or more.

As you can see the conditon is of a fabulous, shabby status and has exquisite patina. It looks like a flower petal had been broken off her head in the past and glued back on and also a lock of hair in the back. Both broken pieces are about two inches long. There is also a half circle crack and small hole in top of her head. No big whoop. Then there is a long crack around her neck under her choker. And of course the chip off the old block in front on her hair line. That piece is missing. I think she is beautiful for being 111 years old. Especially plaster of paris.

She isn't of a fragile sort. She is not crumbly or in danger of cracking as long as she in kept in safe conditions. If she can survive my wranglings, she'll be just fine.
I hope you will enjoy visiting Michelle's shop as much as I do.


Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

I love love love her!

El Defensor del pueblo said...

Farré y París , Anton ( Barcelona , 1891-1948) Dibujante y pintor. Estudió en la Escuela de Llotja de Barcelona , donde fue discípulo de Pascó , y luego se trasladó a Roma (1907-09), donde perfeccionó sus estudios. Expuso en Madrid (1910), Londres (1923), París (1925) y varias veces a Barcelona hasta el 1929. Colaboró ​​como dibujante en muchas revistas de arte y humorísticas. Evolucionó desde su primitivo trazo nervioso hasta un estilo muy años veinte . Hizo también publicidad y sobresalió como especialista en la restauración de cuadros. En 1925-32 colaboró ​​como crítico-corresponsal en "The Studio".