Monday, April 11, 2011

Danielle: 1920s Barrister's Ball

So I mentioned last week that I would be attending a 1920s ball on Saturday are the photos! The event was officially called the "Barrister's Ball"- I went with my boyfriend who attends a law school in California. Who knew that barrister meant lawyer? Haha.

Please excuse the "prom" photos.
Since my dress was a $6 steal at Goodwill, I decided to splurge a little on my hair. I went to the GL Salon in Redlands and I loved the results. It may have taken 3 hours to do, but I'm glad I paid someone else to mess with it so I didn't have to.

Here are some close ups of my accessories.

They had a photo booth so we snapped a few photos in there.

 So the boyfriend and I had a really great time, however, no one else at the ball was dressed to match the theme! There were over 250 people at this event, and I saw maybe ONE other person in a 1920s getup. I was a little disappointed in the rest of those law students, but hey, I love a good theme party even if I am the only one dressed for the occasion.


Veronica said...

Cuteeee!!! I love the photos!!! :)

sherri lynn said...

oh you look so pretty! themed parties are so fun. even if you were one of the only ones who followed it - good for you!